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A white label lending-as-a-service platform for banks and credit unions to quickly launch and easily manage their own online unsecured installment lending program.  

A highly effective, proven platform

Seamless Process

Borrowers expect an efficient process. More than 60% of loans through the platform are automated and approved instantly, with the average borrower completing the process within half an hour.*


Our full lending-as-a-service platform provides all the capabilities you need to quickly launch a lending program, including an online application, automated pricing engine, verification and support services, and loan servicing.


Effective Underwriting

By combining machine learning techniques and alternative data, Upstart has experienced loss rates less than half of others in the industry.**

“We chose to partner with Upstart because their approach to modernizing lending is well aligned with FNBO’s focus on a customer-centric experience. Upstart’s AI/ML-based pricing engine and automation will allow us to profitably serve a broader set of customers, within a great digital onboarding experience, than we could before.”

Marc Butterfield

SVP of Enterprise Digital Solutions and Emerging Business, First National Bank of Omaha

“Our mission at First Federal Bank of Kansas City is to help people build a better financial future.  Fulfilling this mission means we must find innovative new ways to more effectively engage with current and prospective customers.  Our partnership with Upstart is a key part of this strategy and will allow us to extend our products and services to a broader customer base that is more digitally savvy.”


J.R. Buckner

CEO, First Federal Bank of Kansas City

“We were excited to partner with Upstart as their vision of making credit more accessible aligns with our focus on low-cost banking services to low/middle-income Americans who have been left behind by the high-fee model of ‘traditional’ banks. Upstart’s focus on automating the customer experience combined with their modeling capabilities further our goal of adding breadth to our growing banking products and services available to our customer base.”

Luvleen Sidhu

Co-Founder, President and Chief Strategy Officer, BankMobile

Give your customers what they want
(or someone else will).

Unsecured installment loans are the fastest growing segment of consumer lending. The majority of borrowers are using these loans to refinance high-interest rate credit card debt. However, this growth had been driven primarily by online fintech lenders as banks have not invested in providing these loans to their customers.

Source: Morgan Stanley

Approve more applicants – with fewer losses.

Most lenders want to serve as many customers as possible – without taking on excessive credit risk. By using machine learning techniques and alternative data to better understand the credit risk of each applicant, Upstart can help you approve more borrowers while also lowering losses. **

Acquire new customers (including those ever-elusive millennials).

Upstart can also help you acquire new customers through our existing marketing channels. This lets you quickly ramp and control lending volume – and bring new customers to your institution. In addition, Upstart is effective at reaching younger borrowers – those elusive millennials.


Upstart platform originations


of loans fully automated*

Choose a partner with a proven track-record of success.

Upstart is the first lending platform to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to price credit and automate the borrowing process. Upstart has demonstrated strong credit performance and maintains one of the industry’s highest consumer ratings according to leading consumer review sites.**

Want to see how it works?

* as of 2/11/2020

** learn more at